Call for Papers

Abstract submission deadline date is Aug. 31, 2023 Sep. 30, 2023.  Instruction for the authors is available in the template file.
Abstract template (Microsoft Word).

Acceptance of the abstract submitted will be announced after the review of the organizing committee. Authors are then requested to prepare and submit the extended abstract. 

【お知らせ】学生セッションについて (English follows Japanese)

学生セッションで発表する講演の中から、審査を経てStudent Presentation Awardを授与いたします。
学生セッションでの発表を希望する場合、申込みメールに「学生セッション希望」と記載して申し込みください。 尚、学生セッションではミニプレゼンテーション及びポスターによる発表を予定 しており、企業と学生のマッチング企画とする予定です。

【Announcement】Student session

Selected presentations in the student sessions will be awarded as "Student Presentation Award".
Please notice the application to student sessions in the submission e-mail, when applicants are willing to have presentations in the student sessions. In the student sessions, mini-presentation and poster presentations are required.
This is a good chance to see persons from industries and let the companies know the applicants.
Presentations by the industries are planned in the session too.